Financial support for your family

Every little helps, as they say. Family income benefit isn’t a policy we hear much about – but it can be useful, and it may be affordable:

  • Is family income benefit right for you?
  • How much money would your family need, regularly?
  • How does family income benefit work alongside life insurance?

We can help you find the answers to these questions and more.

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We’re here to help

If you have family income benefit already, but you’re thinking about topping it up, we can do a review for you…

Come into the MAPIO Financial office, call or chat online, talk to us about your family finance needs today.

Talk to us

Talk to us

Contact us to book an appointment to talk to us – we can walk you through the different types of family income benefit available, and talk to the insurers for you too.

Review insurance document

Review insurance

We’ll help you to review the insurance you take out, regularly. Making sure it’s still the right level to give your family the reassurance they need.

Impartial advice

Impartial advice

We work with lots of insurers – so you can be sure of getting an impartial recommendation. You can see the insurers we work with.

We get it done

We take care of it

And if the worst happens and you need to make a claim – call us and we will do the rest.

We’re sure you wouldn’t want your family to struggle, paying the mortgage or looking after each other if something happened to you. Book an appointment today. Let’s get you properly protected.

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Ready to get protection for your family?

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