Life Insurance

Life insurance is there to help your family, financially, if you die during the term of the policy. Let’s see what you need. Contact us to tell us about the family whose future you’d like to protect.
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Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover is not the same as Life Insurance. It gives you one tax-free sum of money if you’re diagnosed with an illness or medical condition. How would your family cope if something happened to you?
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Income Protection

Income Protection replaces part of your regular income if you can’t work for a long time due to ill health or an accident. We can help you to choose the right policy with the right terms.
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Just like you, we care about protecting the things that matter to us.

The MAPIO team

Protection is there to help you (and the people you care about) cope financially if things go wrong. After all, *you* are your biggest financial asset.

How would you or your family pay the mortgage and your bills if something happened to you?

Life insurance is important. We are MAPIO Financial, offering mortgages and protection in one, and we can talk you through the benefits of life insurance, income protection, critical illness cover and more.

We’ll help you take the ‘what ifs’ out of life. Looking at what you need to protect, what that might cost, and which policies could help your family to cope financially in a crisis.

Insurance. Protection. Death insurance, cancer insurance – even simple mortgage protection or home insurance. We’ll help you find the right kind of personal insurance for you and your family – and our service is 100% free to you.

It is becoming increasingly important to look after yourself financially.

Some protection provides a sum of money to use as help with anything from household bills to covering mortgage payments. Other policies, like decreasing life insurance, help to protect your mortgage by paying off the whole loan if you die. Each kind of protection policy (insurance) does a different thing – and we can help you with all of them: explaining how they remove the stress and strain of having a ‘what if?’ situation in your life.

Personal insurance can provide a sum of money, either as a lump sum or a regular income that you and your family can use to help with anything from household bills to covering your mortgage payments.

Each kind of protection policy offers different benefits, so come and talk to us. We can explain it all.

We can also insure your home as well as you and your family.